super wearable navy blazer, and who doesn’t love a striped shirt 

Most women reading here can probably google majordomo and get it, and maybe just maybe relate to the fleeting feeling I had yesterday: quitting everything.

same navy blazer again, this time with desk to dinner velvet must have velvet pant 

Not really sure if it was the anniversary of 9 11 or climate change, world events or a hurricane or two, simply felt like stepping out. Was thinking of dodging all philanthropic and committee work, not signing any renewable office lease space, resigning from a recently joined club, and not buying any new clothing or make up for twelve months straight, with the solid exception that if any of four daughters’ weddings (or two sons) should happen before that twelve month calendar date, all bets off, and even said it all out loud to the husband.

cashmere scarf and faux leather pants, absolutely 

Today, Tuesday, and haven’t done one thing of anything of the above. Actually settled into the every day, and deep down understand and enjoy the benefits of being engaged, in family, friends, life, work.

So, huge thank you to the world for continuously spinning. xoxo

professional photos l Worth New York


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  1. Yes I know how that feels… thanks for sharing – always good to know we are not alone

    • Thank you for reading, and noticing. Not always easy. xoxo

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