make it happen

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Yesterday, Monday, the last thing I felt like doing was cooking dinner for six. What did I do? Made it happen and cooked dinner for six. (Thinking I completely understand the need for animal hibernation during the month of January).

Women, I know, make it happen. After a full day of work and the runaround, roasted pork tenderloin, asparagus, red potatoes, caesar salad and cinnamon applesauce. Finished it off with a cake, birthday celebrations can go on all month, right? Wanted to do chicken parmesan with house made blue cheese sauce but for some reason there’s been a run on the organic chicken breasts. Pivot, pork tenderloin it is.

When you feed and clothe those you love, they’re yours for life. Go on out and make it happen. After the inertia it’s a good thing.

Primrose and votives on the table and the day is good. Every day dress. All photos courtesy iPhone.

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  1. i had kraft mac and cheese and a homemade margarita for dinner

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