mellow yellow



Snow day in the BUF, so we’re staying put and doing fun things in the kitchen like making omelets, and vegetable stock.

Never knew a proper omelet was all about the proper heat, and stirring, and stirring and shaking, and that the eggs should be barely done. And that to be an omelet you don’t even need to put anything in it, it’s all technique. We’re all about learning new things.

Baking we’ve done for decades, and funny thing is no one really eats the stuff anymore, it just kind of sits.

Thinking we’ll have more success with some good soup from some scratch stock.

Every day dress, we’re pretty mellow, loving the March snow day. xoxo



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  1. Your family is crazy! Your chocolate chip cookies are the BEST!

    • I’ll send them your way next time. Thanks for the love. xo

  2. A little slice of butter always helps… thought I saw a tab in your prep cup. Love reading your blog from sunny Florida!

    • Thank you, butter is love, for sure. xo

  3. Mommy still loves your delicious bake goods!! Keep baking, please!!

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