a mid-year agenda

white tulips, bread, and butter is love

spaghetti and meatballs, one of the mother sauces

haricots verts and milk braised pork, looks weird, tastes delicious

cod, asparagus, quinoa and sautéed tomatoes

spring is time for rack of lamb

pesto, by hand, no food processor, with small pasta

maple glazed carrots cooked in scratch chicken stock

Essie ‘bikini so teeny‘ nail color

We’ve been out for a little, cooking, gardening, parenting, and forever working on good habits. We’ve been at our studio as well, helping women put together looks for spring and summer events, professional and celebratory. One thing we’ve added to our personal shopping cart is a new mid-year agenda, to help us stay on track, especially those daily habit kind of things.

Last year for the 51st birthday bought the desk size, this year we’re sizing down. Streamlining has been kind of our thing, with the wardrobe edit, now the agenda, and even the wallet. We’ve switched to carrying a little silver card case, with two cards, one for personal, one for business, and our drivers license. All those fancy store credit cards, gone. Card case slips into our bag, or a jacket pocket, or the back of our jeans. Easy.

We love anything Smythson, friend and colleague gifted us with these amazing notebooks, one personalized SCRAPPY, and the other, CLASSY. Pretty much sums us up. Thank you, dear friend.

Every day dress, some new habits, and a new mid-year agenda.


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  1. Hi Rebecca. I’m new to your blog. Looked up chic over 50; and you appeared magically just when I needed you the most!
    I’m in SF and work in tech. Love planning my weekly wardrobe and gets lots of ideas from you. Your sense of aesthetic is fabulous. Thank you!

    Margarita Del Coto

    • Hi, Margarita! Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. Had no idea I appeared when searching chic over 50, haha, yet happy to year, thank you. My sister lives in San Fran, love it there, and we visit as often as possible. She has amazing style, and styles amazing huge events. Sorry this is a delayed reply, I was out of the loop in NYC celebrating dear friends sons’ wedding, and visiting with oldest daughter, she also works in tech! Wedding was beautiful, and daughter sends me snapchats of #womenintech. 🙂 Thanks again for reading, and welcome.

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