Move Things Around

white votives, white sleevless tee, well worn denim, all classics you can count on

With at home summer entertaining in full swing and tropical storms here, there, and everywhere, it helps to be open minded and to be able to easily move things around.

I like to think of a house and garden as a wide-open space. I like to set tables in different parts of the property, switching things up can turn a regular dinner into a downright party.

dinner for twelve is really no different than dinner for eight. this was for immediate family and significant others, so I like to do place cards at times to move the conversations blocks around
stacked un-ironed tablecloths, simple garden flowers in water glasses, extra barbeque sauce in bowls on the table
it’s easiet to put big pitchers of water and open bottles of wine down the middle of the table
rubber sandals are helpful when things get wet
simple food, served on baking trays and a big pot of baked beans
the guys simply picked up the set table and moved it for cover, it was one of those nights

During the summertime, we try and eat outdoors as often as possible. This dinner for twelve, set with the very best intentions for a poolside evening, quickly turned into a semi-wet cabana covered soiree. When the sky opened up, we simply picked up the entire set and moved it fifteen feet out of the elements.

In the grand scheme of things tables are a very easy thing to move around. I know life is invariably much more complex, it helps here too to be open minded and to be able to easily move things around, to not be set, to flow with ease.

a bit of tequila with some fresh squeezed lime juice and a splash of soda for the cook, upper left 🙂

Every day dress, move things around.

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