(no) more chicken

IMG_1353IMG_1355IMG_1352Husband confided to oldest daughter last night while having a post-work glass of wine that if it was chicken for dinner he wasn’t in. ha

Felt challenged at first, what’s wrong with what works? After a day full of stuff that needs to get done we all need/like to eat. Did chicken tonight, and yes he was in. 🙂

Buy the best that you can, and keep it seasonal too. Note the difference in two pots of basil: one on the left, ordinary store-bought, one on the right, organic specialty nursery stock.


Makes me think of my clients that tell me (no) more black, or, (not) one more black dress.

When given the choice of dinner or not I’ll take more chicken please, and yes, another black dress.


Post dinner activities included hand trimming flag-stone pathway. Totally understand how the face, body, and entire cities can sink after a while.

Every day dress, more chicken, and yes, another great black dress. Why not?

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