oh, man


With the men’s wear influence all around us, finally added a pair of brogues to the footwear rotation while in Avignon France.

First time out, oh, man, blisters so way worse than any pair of heels. Needed to medicate and Band-Aid. Un peu de vin de rose helped too. Husband swears there’s an inverse relation with heel height and comfort, not always so. Traveling friend Jenifer shared in that pain and in the treatment. 🙂


On first try they were perfect, toe box great. It was the heel that was the Achilles.

Second time out, so much better.

Clothes and hair kept simple, could probably have gone without the necklace. A great part of every day dress is that we get to get up and do it all over again and maybe a bit better. Every day dress, oh, boy.

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  1. Cool shoes…but love the hair and the necklace. Great look!

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