oh those days


Hotel room in San Diego, seems like ages ago, yet not even two weeks. Back at work, snow showers and 12 degrees here in Buffalo, oh those days.

One wardrobe and travel item that stays constant: Louis Vuitton Keepall. Bought mine at Louis Vuitton Paris Saint Germain des Prés, probably six or seven years ago. Even had the luggage tag monogrammed while sister and I drank fancy water in a somewhat private room. It’s a good go bag. Cabin friendly and can easily hold a week’s worth of stuff, if you pack strategically, and if not it can hold a week’s worth of shoes. 🙂

louis-vuitton-keepall-bandoulière-55-monogram-canvas-travel--M41414_PM2_Front view

Every day dress, oh those days. Happy back to work week everyone.


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  1. Have two I bought one 25 years ago
    Still in great shape

    • So agree, sometimes the older the better.
      They make great too. College graduation, big birthday, they are keepers.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Love that this blog keeps us in touch after about two decades. xoxo

      • oops, gifts! haha
        great gifts

      • I’m glad as well. Got your Christmas card kids are beautiful

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