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With each decade that comes and goes there seems to be a small marker: at 30 trained and ran first and only marathon thinking it would change the body into some svelte thing, it did not, and now have residual wear and tear to deal with. At 40 flew into NYC for a shopping and upscale dinner date with women friends, lovely and memorable, yet not what moves me now. On the edge of 50, thinking about what makes up good grown-up style, looks that look good and fashionable, yet not necessarily fashion per se, as that is always a fast-moving target.

For weekend activities visited some old new friends. For Friday workwear and dinner out went into the closet and pulled a navy silk shirtdress, rolled the sleeves, added a light neutral belt from last spring, and wore new shoes. Saturday in the country called for denim on denim; again, sleeves rolled and a light neutral belt, with a reversible wool sweater, neutral, over the arm. Both times left the handbag at home, and simply carried the cell, a nude lipstick, and readers.

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So where is this all going? Professionally I dress and style women, have done it for almost three decades if you count making matching applique outfits on the Bernina for four young daughters. Now it’s more about what we should wear for work, play, travel, and life events, grand and intimate.

Thinking now the 50-year-old closet should have a mix of old and new friends. Clothing that is comfortable, appropriate, sometimes sexy. Nothing throwaway, time and resources are way too precious for that. Taking that thought even further, thinking that a closet of any age should be based on stand alone separates that can be combined to move you through your day while looking and feeling your best.

It’s a journey for sure, and it’s not always right. For this last weekend, navy and the shirt shape and denim and a light neutral belt saw us through.

Every day dress, old new friends.

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