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bought this Lafayette 148 dress early spring and have been wearing it on heavy rotation, sometimes belted, sometimes not, it’s machine washable even with those gorgeoues pleats, genius (also comes in green, thinking of adding that to the wardrobe as its just so easy)
here my daughter Caroline is wearing it, this dress works with a bump!
machine washable blouse and silk/linen trouser, love this chili color, perfect for moving towards fall, both pieces Lafayette 148
Dior handbag from two years ago, new Dior sandal, I’m all about a block heel
bought this Etro dress and these sandals for a June wedding, I’ve been wearing both in different ways, dress with a glat sandal, jeweled sandal (block heel again) with denim
dress in Providence RI with flat sandal, Peanut wearing a dress we bought on the St. Pete’s pier
that great chili color again, and again this Lafayette 148 dress is machine washable, also comes in black
absolute favaroite new denim shape, Lafayette 148, with an unironed JCrew button down
same jean with a tucked in linen blouse and new Dior sandal, when I buy new things I like to wear them over and over

It feels like forever since I posted here about clothes, and clothes are one of the reasons I started this site way back when. Clothes are still a high love, I lost my young photographer to college three years ago, and it’s just uncomfortable asking those around me to take pictures of what I’m wearing on any given day. As I’m gearing up for a fall Lafayette 148 trunk show, I thought I would do a quick round-up of a few of the looks I’ve been wearing. I need to inspire myself to get moving with the fall line and hopefully motivate my clients that what you wear on the street makes a difference!

this Lafayette 148 dress I have worn so many times I can’t even count, here it’s with black lug-soled boots, my black Dior bag, and a new Lafayette 148 denim jacket
clothes are good, photo images not so much. all from IPhone. when the young phototographer left for college, so did the Canon digital camera, need to get on that
absolutely LOVE these suede pants and the long cardigan, both Lafayette 148, the neutral bodysuite I picked up at a small boutique in Portsmouth NH
also bought these over-sized army green pants in Portsmouth NH, wearing them with black tank, Lafayette 148 cardigan, and old Louis Vuitton sandals
one of my favorite looks, husbands shirt (actually slept in it the night before and simply slipped on the green pants), Golden Goose sneakers, and white Lafayette 148 leather tote for early morning walk and breakfast with Peyton and Caroline in Boston MA
at home, my jacket Lafayette 148, Elizabeth’s jacket Levi’s, not sure why I waited until 55+ to buy a denim jacket for myself

So there’s a quick sartorial snapshot of some of the summer 2021 looks. If you are intrigued by fall fashion, trunk show on deck August 26th through September 8th. I love beautiful clothes, I love a good mix, and I love helping women put it all together.

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