one new sweater


While we love looking at all the online shopping sites and fashion blogs that have maybe eleven brand new essential pieces to pack for the beach, the city, or the country, this here is every day dress and some days we are happy to get a hot shower. New clothes are great, for sure, there is also so much else going on out there that it’s not always practical to buy and pack an entire new wardrobe for a few days away.

Here’s the one new sweater: wore this for traveling out to the country on Saturday, put it on with the yoga pants for Sunday morning coffee outside on the deck, wore it over the bikini poolside when some coverage was needed for drop by brother-in-laws. Put it back on late Monday, back to the city we go, and with one new sweater for this past weekend away, we were every day dressed. Mixed the one new sweater in with all the other wardrobe pieces collected over the years.

Every day dress loves being inspired by all that’s new out there, thank you, also loves having one new sweater to get away from it all in.

Hope everyone out there had a great holiday weekend.

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