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Two nights in a row went out to the same restaurant and wore the same blue jeans in small upstate New York ski town. While we’ll never really be over skinny here at every day dress, love our three squares way too much for that, one thing we’re feeling is that we just might be over the skinny jean trend for a bit.

For some clients it’s the absolute go-to: any shoe or boot will work regardless of heel height or lack of, and it’s the perfect runaround from dawn to dawn. 🙂 Just feeling the itch for a new cut. Until we can make the jump to the high-waisted sailor pant or even the flare, coming soon we know along with the wedge heel, it’s back to the old slouchy kind of boyfriend jean bought probably four or so years ago out on the west coast. Very fit friend thought it was nuts, why buy or wear loose jeans?

Well, it’s been a long winter and we need something new/old. So until those high-waisted white flared jeans get here, ordered them today, we are so over skinny, haha. Need the snow to melt, and fast.  FullSizeRender FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender FullSizeRender


Don’t you just the love the cool western modern decor? Two nights in a row, yes please.

Dina’s Restaurant | Ellicottville NY

New/Old Jeans | Citizens of Humanity

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  1. Am enthralled with the horse photos at Dina’s. I am okay with the death to skinny jeans. Out to dinner tonight in Sarasota…stripped off the white skinny jeans and opted for more comfortable yet still attractive white slacks to go with black leather and shear top.

    • Oh I bet you looked great. Now you are inspiring us here to perhaps shake off the denim once in a while and put on some real pants. It’s just so easy to go with what’s familiar. We’ll work at it. Enjoy that sunshine, thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. ok i love skinny jeans….and i love Dina’s…it was great to see you

    • Yeah, we love skinny jeans and Dina’s and always love seeing you, especially with your husband and kids. You’re way better, four nights in a row! xo

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