pack a scarf


When you have the chance to get out of dodge, it helps to always pack a scarf. Cool temperatures are going down everywhere, here it serves as one more layer of warmth. 60 degrees in Florida, no complaints.

Scarf | Hérmes

Sweater | Worth New York

Pants | Nike

Sandals | Christian Loubouton

Newest piece is the sweater, purchased last fall. All others collected over many years and tossed in the carry-on super early this morning. No make-up, no manicure, life happens fast, packing a scarf is a good thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day loves.

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  1. Where in Florida are you ? 60 ‘ that’s kinda chilly

  2. Where in Florida did you go ? It is cold?

    • Hi there Tracy, we are in Ruskin, small spot outside of Tampa. Yes, a little chilly but loving life. Hope you and yours are all well and warm. xo

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