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Fashion icon Carine Roitfeld advises to ‘never ever share your daughter’s wardrobe’ and ‘you have to look every five years at your wardrobe and say: ‘is it OK to wear this with my legs? Is it OK to wear sleeveless with my arms?’ Then you have to have a cull. It’s not nice but you have to do it.

We agree with the cull, absolutely. We have a cull going on now in fact. Boxes of things we’re no longer in love with or that look right and that we’re ready to pass on.

As for sharing your daughter’s wardrobe? Yes, on occasion. Grabbed this dress on the way out the door yesterday and tossed it in the bag before a six-hour drive to Philly. Oldest daughter wore it a few weeks ago for a family dinner party, second daughter wore it the night after for her college graduation party. Many of the same guests, gasp. Last night I slipped it on, easy.

The best thing about this is that we should all wear our clothes more often. Why not? Keep the good stuff in heavy rotation. This dress might be considered fast fashion by some yet we’re putting it to work.

When doing private wardrobing with clients we always go for clothing longevity, and that’s smart planning.


Sometimes it’s simply fun to have a little summer dress and to pass it around. 🙂 Thanks Linnie and Booie, maybe you don’t even miss this one yet. Lizzie, you’re up next. 🙂

Dress | Zara

Bag | Louis Vuitton

Shoe | Laurence Dacade

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