pop it up

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For closet consult on the road, the good work usually takes place in the home office, wore the usual suspects, white jeans, blue denim shirt, leather jacket and black fringed boots. Decided to pop it up with some electric blue fur.

Yeah, fur’s not for everyone, I know.  Know too there is way too much dependence on the jeans lifestyle, just can’t seem to shake that wardrobe basic for the runaround. White is good though for winter. 🙂

And, since it now gets dark at 4:30 pm, just can’t resist a bright pop on the lip.


Every day dress, pop it up.

Blueberry Knitted Fox Donut | Worth New York

Rouge Allure Velvet 337 La Flamboyant | Limited Edition | Chanel

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  1. Making me rethink the donut!!!!

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