pot me up


Our little spot out in the country feels like endless acres. Used to obsess about leaf, plant, color contrast, and combinations for the annual pots, but no longer, way too many other things to do.

One color this year, and make it red. Red geraniums. Those pots always take more plants, potting soil, water, and time than you ever expect. Plan on almost double.

Spent the good part of the day potting up geraniums. Happy to do it.

Every day dress, pot me up. Happy June 1st everyone.

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  1. How many acres do you have ?

  2. Do you have a lake or pool? Animals . We have a 25 acre lake & angus cattle at our farm

    • Oh, I would love to see your lake and cattle- sounds like heaven. We have two small ponds, a pool, and 12 hens. Are you coming to Buffalo anytime soon?

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