quick spring dinner




It’s 6:10 pm on Sunday night and really wanting to call local Greek restaurant for take-out open chicken souvlaki. Husband’s not biting. Need to pull together a quick spring dinner, here’s how it went:

Pour yourself a glass of wine and preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Rub some frenched lamb racks with kosher salt, olive oil, fresh ground pepper and in they go with a sheet of small red potatoes. While the lamb roasts make a quick parsley, bread crumb, garlic, lemon rind and melted butter crust in the food processor. Take the racks out after 10 minutes and rub the bread crumb mixture all over and back it goes for another 15 minutes or so. Blanche some green beans,  cold water soak to keep the color, drain, dry on a kitchen towel and then saute in more butter and salt. Haven’t said this is a while, butter is love. Simple kale caesar salad and dinner is done.

For weekend activities we worked in the garden and walked. Anything but the treadmill. 🙂 Love how this little pansy self-seeded itself from last spring right into the flagstone.


Happy Monday everyone. Working spring summer trunk all this week.

Every day dress, quick spring dinner. Take-out will have to wait.

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