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While working corporate in the fashion world as a recruiter decided to start a blog. Being a homebody yet also required to be on the road thought it would be a way to create community, and maybe motivate and inspire. Working with primarily women, my writing and content is focused on wardrobe, food, home, and family.

The name, every day dress, is based on pursuing an elevated lifestyle, reaching up and out to make the every day just a bit extra. It’s premise, that by creating daily habits and routines based on some simple practices, life can be rewarding, rich, and more beautiful. What we’re big about: make your bed, walk the dog(s), eat protein for breakfast, wear good clothes, try a little makeup, make some dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, spend time with those you love.

A new year typically brings in a round of resolutions for most, and then maybe a hangover or regret when not resolved. Never fond of or a keeper of resolutions, we just can’t seem to make them stick. We rely instead on routine and habit. And trying things again day after day.

A usual order and way of doing things keeps us steady. Every morning, without fail, we make the bed, setting a feeling of calm, and organization. This simple task, requiring only minutes, starts the day with accomplishment.

Our morning routine also includes coffee, as habit. Two cups for sure, maybe more, maybe less, yet always coffee.

We’ve been exercise addicts since childhood, when standing upside down on our head and turning a somersault felt simply joyful. Now we know we’re really only one good workout away from a good or better mood, and why not grab this first thing. For sure workout routines evolve, and we’ve practiced many: running, weight-lifting, yoga, kick-boxing, personal training sessions, long walks outdoors with the dogs or without and even active time in the garden and house-keeping. Whatever it is, being active, and most often first thing before breakfast, is mind and body beneficial. 

Breakfast is most often eggs, cholesterol whatever, a piece of toast, and any greens we can find. Leftover salad is good, honestly, cold from the fridge or heated in a pan. Bacon when we’ve got a big day or when we’re being fancy.

We believe in the power of good clothes, and that when you feel good in what you wear you have a better day. A better day could be more productive, more memorable, more comfortable in any situation you find yourself in, or simply an easier, more graceful day. What you wear counts, so we like to wear nice clothes, and encourage those in our tribe to do the same.

Makeup is good too, or any regular grooming habit. Taking time for self-care, while feeling good for yourself, actually shows respect for others. The act itself of applying makeup is kind of like taking extra care in setting the table when expecting guests, it just shows extra care. We’re not about going overboard in makeup or tables capes, simply about putting a little effort into the every day.

The time between the morning routine and the evening meal is generally the work day. Hopefully we’re all engaged in work we find meaningful, and then comes dinner.

If I’m being honest I can tell you I think about dinner upon waking or even the night before. In our world making and having dinner is often the absolute highlight of any given day. Add people, and wine, and bingo, the perfect trifecta. The coming together for a shared meal trumps any restrictive new year resolution. Instead of resolving to lose weight, spend less, exercise more, we’re about taking the daily stuff and adding to it and making it better.

Regular routines and habits are the solid foundation of living well. We all need dinner, let’s come together and make it nice. After, of course, making our bed, first thing.

Happy New Year, Happy New Day.


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  1. Rebecca, I LOVE reading your posts! Wish I knew you personally…I cook for my husband and I every night, and it is a very special part of our day! You continue to inspire me … thank you for sharing your life with All of us! I sell Worth and W in Nashville… blessings, Judy Wilcox

    • Thank you, Judy. I wish I knew you as well. Thank you for the love, and my very best to you and yours during this magical time of year. xoxo

  2. Beckie, Love this post I have learned to make my bed first thing in the morning with you… and this habit give me Joy when night comes! Alsó to set a Nice table for just me or for me and others. One of the best gift I received in 2018 is to spend time with ypu and your family. These post give me peace to plan 2019 Edith real thing❤️

  3. Beckie, I loved this post as I do believe in celebrate the daily things help to make big achievements! I have learned to make by bed first thing in the morning with you and this simple habit give me serenity to live the day! To plan the dinner is always a great moment. And loved the adivise to take time to take care of yourself as we usually thing to take care of othres. This post will be my inspiration for 2019. thanks

    • Miriam, sending Christmas love to you and your beautiful family. Thank you for always being with me in spirit. Love you forever. xoxo

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