Scarf as Dress

the minute all the food was ready I hopped into the tub, quickly got dressed, and asked Elizabeth to take few photos
afternoon grilling, lots of chicken and three marinated flank steaks, while everyone cocktailed by the pool.
denim jackets and beautiful young women go hand in hand with summertime and the 4th of July
served one of the first crops of local corn, .69 cents an ear, homegrown Romaine with scratch Caesar dressing, and the chicken and beef from local purveyors. Booie and Lexi cut the flowers from the garden, using the blue and white vases from Caroline and Sean’s rehearsal dinner three summers ago…
blue gingham tablecloths I bought from Amazon, new blue linen napkins from Williams Sonoma (48 of them! machine wash and cold, hang to dry, saving these for good for awhile) and used for Lindsey and Ethan’s baby shower BBQ, sister-in-law borrowed them for my goddaughter Erin’s engagement brunch, love and live to share things.
a full table always makes me smile

For 4th of July weekend festivities we cooked and entertained for family and a few friends as family to the moon and back. Honestly I didn’t stop prepping for about a day and half straight and when it came time to sit at the table I needed to act quick, so scarf as dress to the rescue.

Scarf as top has been a favorite look for decades, and now most of the women in my life have that look in their sartorial toolkit.

sometimes a little leg might show

Scarf as dress simply requires a much larger square of fabric, a thin little belt, a legitimate ‘scarf ring’, or a ring from your finger which is what I used, a desire to sometimes do things a bit differently, a good dose of confidence, and perhaps a beautiful pair of French or Italian underpants if things start to slide a little.

The scarf shown here is a piece I picked up while traveling with husband to Geneva, Switzerland. I was intrigued by the bandanna motif and the color, red usually not my first pick for accessories, yet I had to have it.

all the traditional food for this gathering
love, love, love

precious ten day old house guest, Rory James

I’m really into having things for life now, and I can see wearing this piece much like celebrating the Stars and Stripes, forever and more, daughters in the wing.

fanning the campfire
brother brother

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed summer 2021.

Every day dress, scarf as dress.

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  1. Where was this July 4 th celebration? Looks terrific!!

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