Small Boutique Shopping

Small boutique shopping in Ellicottville, NY, to help a client get out of dodge. We FaceTimed, and I tried on items and took selfies for her.
A new wrap skirt and cozy sweater can bring a smile and help make you feel better.
The back of the sweater had a fun and slightly sexy opening.

There are times when you need a fashion fix. Even when you have a closet full of solid basics and favorite foundational pieces, a trip or a special event might make you crave new things. Most of us want to show up looking our best. New things can help boost our confidence and provide hope and promise of good times ahead.

I quickly chose these colorful knit pieces as my client was between sizes and was having trouble finding a proper fit. Knits can be forgiving and give you some wiggle room. Two tops and one skirt can be coordinated together and with other wardrobe items.

Recently, I helped a client with several looks for a trip to San Diego, CA. With back-to-back events to be dressed for and a set budget, she was frustrated by her many unsuccessful online ordering attempts. Disappointed with the fabric and garment construction and fit, everything was returned. We talked about her desires on the phone, and I knew her size like the back of my hand. While in Ellicottville, NY (I check on our ski house, trim hedges, weed and edge the beds, and keep my husband company while he mows the lawn), I popped into a favorite small boutique, Gado-Gado. I found her three new looks and got her approval by texting and FaceTime. Sometimes, having someone else search and edit is more effortless. Maybe it’s like when I ask Bill what he wants for dinner, and he wants me to decide and serve him. He doesn’t want to make that choice and prefers when the decision is made for him.

Anyway, she loved and wore all of her things. We were both happy. I solved her dilemma, and she felt good. If you have an event or travel plan, don’t want to cry when you are trying to get dressed, or want more out of your wardrobe, it helps to have support. We all want affirmation. Fewer choices can also make things easier. A small boutique or a curated group of items selected by someone you trust can make getting dressed for a special occasion or a memorable trip less challenging to overcome and ultimately help you feel more at ease and ready to have fun.

I’ve been dressing myself and the women in my life forever. Good clothes can make us feel good. It’s wild how an outfit can completely change the trajectory of your day or make you want to leave an event or a place if you feel you aren’t dressed right. I’ve been there, and I’ve thought it, the feeling of not quite fitting in for whatever reason. If we can make anything easier for ourselves as we move through this world, studying and carefully considering what we wear is not superficial or insignificant; it is both life-changing and life-enhancing.

Small boutique shopping and every day dress.

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