soft florals, brilliant light

Now in Eygalières, and we’re settling in to life in the French countryside. 

our very own garden
pool with a view
morning coffee spot
very early morning
home base

First morning I took these photographs of the garden before anyone else was awake, and then did an hour of exercise, it was divine. 

rolled neutrals
bought a khaki green tablecloth and napkins in St. Remy and cut white roses from the garden.

Of course, I’m up to my usual, buying linens and candles, and these I picked up in nearby Saint Rémy. I was undecided between the khaki green or a very soft pink, and at the end chose the khaki, I guess if you look at my case of rolled clothes it all makes sense. 

youngest of the bunch, she’s pretty good at speaking French
both wearing a variation of florals

We are now a party of six and expected four more to come. Summer holiday in Provence, the light is absolutely brilliant.

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