Yes, working from a home office has many advantages. It’s also easy though, and guilty here at times, to fall into the ‘exercise clothes’ habit. Here’s a solution for all busy women:

Grey Stretch Tweed Ponte Dress. The fit, finish, and professionalism of any office outfit. Skip the boots and add your heels. The ease and comfort of favorite workout clothes.

We can do better than running around town in exercise clothes. Exercise clothes are for, well, exercise. Exercise is great but keep the clothes for the gym.

This is an every day dress. Put it on this morning for running to Kinko’s FedEx for print work, the grocery for dinner food, back to the office for phone calls. Took it off for half an hour workout, put it back on for more work and to cook dinner, and it will see me through tonight’s two hours of cocktails and conversation in support of women.

Fabric is genius: 34% Wool 20% Acrylic 18% Silk 13% Cotton 12% Polyamide 3% Elastane | Unlined | Slim Fit | size 0 – 16.

Black back is instantly slimming. Super solution.

Dress, Worth New York Fall 2012



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  1. Love it! love the ponte look – my go to for work as well. you look fabulous, as always!

    • Laura- right back at you fabulous- love your facebook posts about marathons, road races, etc! Keep it going!


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