some simple things

Alfresco pasture-raised Vital Farms eggs, Italian washed linen napkins
farmers market fresh flowers in brown paper
farmers market haul from Saturday morning
no salad spinner yet, hand washed the greens and wrapped them in dish towels to store in the fridge
vegetables, up close and personal. our goal is to incorporate them in all meals, 3 times a day
sometimes a chocolate croissant wins 🙂

Even when we’re home away from home we keep our routine pretty much the same. Eggs, the best we can get our hands on, fresh flowers, farmers market vegetables, white denim and a black tank. These are some of our tried and true.

these jeans are pretty see through so I cut front pockets out and sewed the seam closed
I also hemmed them just above the ankle, showing a slash of skin

Simple style notes: white denim is best with a seasonal refresh. Sure, we can wear last year”s pair, it simply feels better when they are new. Last years white’s can do the dog walk and the garden tour. The pair you see here I cut the front pockets out and stitched the seam closed. It’s a cleaner look, especially if you don’t like to distract the eye with funny pocket linings that you can invariably see when wearing white denim.

Happy Monday, some simple things, and every day dress. xoxo

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  1. We bought down in the gulf beaches to escape the western NY winters and as you go to St. Pete farm market on Saturdays – you’ve got to try the fresh as you watch it being made guac!!! Enjoy.

    • Thank you, Melinda. We love guacamole, and will definitely look for this on our next visit to the farmers market. Missed it this past weekend as we were all about the car races. 🙂 Thanks for reading, and your nice suggestion. Have a wonderful Monday and a great week! xoxo

  2. Everything looks great!

    • Thank you, Penny, and thank you for reading and your nice comment. Wishing you an amazing Monday. xoxo

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