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Let’s not be fooled, Christmas time can be one hot heck of a mess. Cards, gifts, food, decor, a party or two, what to wear, and if you’re like us you kinda hustle and make it all happen.

I did the indoor trees with lights, husband did the outdoor. Went to market this morning fresh out of bed and spent everything I had.

Expectations, feelings, fleeting moments, it’s all happening now and then boom, all done.

Merry little Christmas everyone.


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  1. Caroline Ogiony
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    • Rebecca
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      Thank you, love you too! Happy, healthy 2019. xoxo

  2. Miriam
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    We are here preparing our Tropical Christmas Eve with fresh fruits and veggies for us is Summer time around 93 F, can you imagine? I wish a Merry Christmas for you all. wih love Miriam and Flavio

    • Rebecca
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      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Miriam and Flavio and family. xoxo

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