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Let’s not be fooled, Christmas time can be one hot heck of a mess. Cards, gifts, food, decor, a party or two, what to wear, and if you’re like us you kinda hustle and make it all happen.

I did the indoor trees with lights, husband did the outdoor. Went to market this morning fresh out of bed and spent everything I had.

Expectations, feelings, fleeting moments, it’s all happening now and then boom, all done.

Merry little Christmas everyone.


gift wrap, simple colors

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  1. Love!!!

    • Thank you, love you too! Happy, healthy 2019. xoxo

  2. We are here preparing our Tropical Christmas Eve with fresh fruits and veggies for us is Summer time around 93 F, can you imagine? I wish a Merry Christmas for you all. wih love Miriam and Flavio

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Miriam and Flavio and family. xoxo

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