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photo 7Saturday night in June with plans to have good friends out to the country for wine and casual steaks on the grill.

When you’re a parent your mood can often be determined by that of your children. One of six going through a rough spot. Feel the pain. Wanted to cancel the get together and wallow a while and simply pull weeds for hours on end in the garden.

Having a strong partnership with those around you is always a good thing. Husband said he could go either way, he understood, but was looking forward to our friends visit.

After coffee and clarity decided to stay with the plan. Friends visited, started with a nice Rosé, moved into Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, a California Cab, finished with a campfire side glass of port. So better than solitary wallowing and weeding.

Food and table simple. Local asparagus and tomatoes roasted in the oven with olive oil and kosher salt. Yellow beets and farm fresh eggs boiled, peeled, and plated. Kale caesar salad, sliced strawberries and drop cookies. Table was a compilation of things acquired over the years; a tablecloth bought in Calistoga CA, linen napkins from Italy, steak knives from a winery in Napa and the canning jar that held the lambs ear and garden flowers from late grandmother’s cellar.

Thank you friends, so glad we stayed with the plan. Love to all.



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  1. Rebecca, you inspire me!!! I admire so much about you…hoping to meet you in Miami at Worth preview, you coming next week? I actually sell W By Worth, this is my 10 year anniversary! I am blessed, daily, by SO many women, that I would have never known order wise! I will arrive in Miami on Tuesday, will be at the company dinner.
    I usually sit down at the end of the day, after cleaning up from dinner and read your blog, thank you for being so real and honest. Blessings… Judy

    • Hi Judy, Would love to meet you and look forward to Miami. Arriving Monday late afternoon and staying through Wednesday. Let’s look for each other Tuesday evening. Congratulations on you Ten years, fantastic! R

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