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Here’s some info promised from before- these sneakers are super comfortable, lightweight for packing, and chic. Really like the seasonal feather thing, keeps things fresh. Stella for adidas has some of the most fashionable workout gear out there.

These pictures were taken while walking in Italy with an iPhone. Yes, travel posts will stop soon, sorry. Honestly, today is a total office day and after checking blog traffic, increasing! thought some new content was in order. Not up for the tripod thing and photographer daughter has soccer game after school so can’t slip in any new photo time before the wordpress day clicks by.

It was fun to use a fancy bag as a crossbody with jeans and super comfortable and lightweight tee. Jeans are grey and tee is brown, don’t be afraid to keep the mixup going. As we were walking up some steep hills wanted to leave anything handheld back at the villa. Since the jeans always seem to be tight needed a place for the phone, lipstick, currency and credit cards, therefore Jimmy Choo Glitter Candy Clutch.

Jeans, DL1961 and sneakers, Stella McCartney, both purchased locally at Tony Walker & Co. Coffee Bean Faux Wrap Tee, Worth New York Fall 2012.

Back to work. Have a great Monday.

ps. Worth New York Trunk Show, October 19 – 25, by appointment. Email me at Pick up a tee or two; they instantly create a waistline on all women.

pss. Fashion conscious oldest daughter absolutely can’t stand when sneakers are worn out in public with jeans, sometimes just can’t help myself- don’t look Linnie. Any other opinions?

Thanks for reading everyone. 12,181 views.

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  1. i may let the jeans & sneakers slide just this one time. for starters, you are in italy. and they are fashionable sneakers….

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