Stripping it all Down

celery juice and three cups of tea
with a metal, reusable straw

I’ve made celery juice two mornings in a row, chose last night’s leftover green beans at lunch over a family size bag of chips, re-started the compost pile and I’ve been steadily cutting back and cleaning up the entire back yard. In a sense, stripping it all down. 

Two nights in a row I’ve also spilled red wine, once on the living room carpet and last night in the bedroom, don’t ask me why I had wine in the bedroom, yet I did. Funnily, and this has happened never, husband brought that bag of chips up and we ate them in bed, together. There’s a lot of wine going down and obviously some chips, and sometimes in bed. 

maybe a little aggressive? rain or shine I get out there daily
I have huge piles of sticks and leaves all over the property

The garden is getting a crew cut. We’ve thrown big money at it over the years and I’ve never paid it back with proper attention. So hack, hack, hack. Not sure if it’s right yet it sure feels good. I could be cleaning closets, that will come. 

My daughter in Florida is getting a do-it-yourself haircut today too. 

Professionally I know I should be drafting some sort of email to my beloved client base, hello beloved clients I’m sorry I can’t get my head around that yet as I sell you luxury goods and maybe your partner like mine is grappling with mind-blowing paper losses in the stock market, hence the potato chips in bed? Or your kids that may have lost their jobs aren’t quite sure what they are making for dinner or maybe your mom is an at-risk statistic. Sending you all virtual love and compassion. I’ll be back, when it’s time. 

For now, give me a pair of clippers and an old-fashioned rake. It’s my current coping mechanism for all that feels overwhelming. I’m getting really good at picking up sticks. Strip it down, clear it out, make room for air.

indoor garden gives me so much pleasure
when the temperatures drop below freezing at night I bring these all in
looking down the road…

Here’s to celery juice, leftovers, red wine and potato chips, whatever it takes. 

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  1. Well done! I can’t begin to tell you how many things I like about this post. EVERYTHING

    • Thank you, hope you and yours are well and safe.

  2. Hey you, thinking of you daily and hoping you and the kids are doing ok . Praying for your daughter. I’m also cleaning everything, closets, pantry’s, baking, yoga, walking, anything and yes wine . Hang on and keep moving forward. I miss seeing my grandkids so much !

    • Thank you. We will get through…much love to all. xoxo

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