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Maybe you’re headed to an outdoor concert this weekend or sometime this summer and you’re perhaps two times or even three times the age of the fans. What to wear?

A dress might be good. Leave the short shorts and even the long shorts for home alone time or when you know most of the people you’re with. Looking about last night at Artpark in Lewiston NY the best dressed among the men and women had on dresses and long pants. ALL the musicians had on long pants and they looked GREAT and COOL. Thank you Phillip Phillips and O.A.R.

For an outdoor summer concert, a dress felt good and right. We’re all about feeling good in your clothes, and when they feel right it feels good.

Loose undone hair, flat Rockstud sandals, a pair of sunglasses, all set, out the door, and we’re not trying too hard.

Every day dress, summer concert in a dress.

Dress | Worth New York Summer 2014

Sandals | Valentino

Sunglasses | Persol

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