summer red |white | blue



Over the holiday we stuck to the palette: red | white | blue.

Potted up deep red geraniums for poolside. Used to do a mixed English garden kind of look but have now gone back to a monochromatic color and single plant choice.


White distressed denim, no rips in these yet still keeping to the trend. Kind of thinking this is the last summer I’ll wear this kind of thing, distressed jeans have run their course? Feeling the winds of a style change coming and the distressed denim needs to soon go to the daughters. DIY Geranium Essie pedicure.



Dug up a twenty-five foot trench of retired landscape hedges and put in a row of our favorite, Endless Summer Collection Blue Hydrangea.

That was it, and that was enough :). We were in the dirt all weekend long.

Tuesday and it’s almost Wednesday, always feels like double Monday after a long weekend in the country.

back at the city desk, active search in Saratoga Springs NY

Every day dress, summer red | white | blue.


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