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The last days of the year are usually jam packed with activity- more shopping, more gift-wrapping, decorating, travel, work, play, family, friends, endless food and drink. Taking time out to walk and reflect invigorates the body and soul for all that is happening.

Simple clothes during the day make it easy to move from one thing to the next when your day is full. You all know my love of skinny jeans and black. Can’t help it- always so easy. Flat boots, these in brown suede and with a rubber sole, look good, feel good, and you can walk forever in them. An interesting long coat instantly dresses the whole thing up. No sneakers or yoga pants in this combination.

Take time out to feel good. Nobody does it for you, do it for yourself. Every day dress walks for miles in Sonoma, CA.

white coat | SabineSommeregger, suede boots | Tod’s

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