Ten In The Bed

Vaccinated Santa, with a nip of gin
I set the table early in the afternoon with linens bought last season on sale at Pottery Barn.
Ethan with his niece Peyton and his son Rory

Remember the nursery rhyme ‘Ten In The Bed’ and the little one said ‘rollover, rollover,’ and they all rolled over, and one fell out? After weeks and weeks of anticipatory preparation, our home has been on rapid Covid rollover for the holidays.

This season I had three fresh trees and three pre-lit trees. This one in our living room is one of my favorites
Here is our new tree in the breakfast area, again before decorations. I think I strung 9,800 tiny little lights these past several weeks
here I’m laying out the fresh garland before stringing it with white lights
our front door was finished early in the season, just after Thanksgiving. I’ll be taking it all down today or tomorrow, a little sad that our house didn’t welcome more friends and family this holiday
here; I created an outdoor dining area with white birch planters I picked up at Lowe’s embellished with more fresh boxwood. I strung market lights on the lawn to add more night glow in the backyard as many of our landscape lights are a bit in the blink
Bill wanted colored lights for the grandkids, so colored lights it was. These were a bit neon. Peyton was impressed.
creating this additional outdoor space was fun and well-used
the weather has been so variable, here Bill and I are finishing the outdoor tree t-shirts and light jackets. How about that moon, though?
Again on a ladder. I now always wear gloves, even indoors, while working with fresh greens. These hands need all the help they can get

Again, we’ve been hanging close with our pod, test kits on a glass platter on the kitchen counter, and reserves in the guest powder room drawer. Oldest daughter and I go out on gear runs early in the morning when pharmacies first open and come home and drink coffee and scramble dozens of eggs.

gingerbread houses and hot coffee in the early morning
We weren’t going anywhere; our arts and crafts sessions lasted for days
decorated cutouts
a wrapped gift for my niece Erin and forced paperwhites
when I double a recipe, I always use two separate pots to provide more even cooking. Here is beef bourguignon that was supposed to be for fifteen and turned out to be dinner for ten, eternally grateful despite the swings
I spy a sneaky Patriots jersey 🙂

We make the most of mealtime, juggling place cards and removing table extensions. Last night for New Year’s Eve, we had a cozy four-top after the little’s went to bed and an outdoor champagne toast with Booie, who is just out of quarantine.

Christmas morning with Rory, Lindsey, and Lucy opening gifts, and Elizabeth rocking William
here we have a whole lot of love, and this quick iPhone pic makes me smile
can this get any better?

Between bookends of outbreaks, we did manage to celebrate together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, minus one very important and well-loved eighty-three-year-old, who chose to do a drive-by.

It’s been an up and down ride, and we’re sending all best wishes for love, peace, and wellness in this New Year.

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  1. I hope all make a speedy and full recovery! Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, and Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

  2. COVID holiday here, too. Thinking forward to travel plans…we will be in St Petersburg, FL for a long weekend. What are your favorite restaurants?

    • Awe, hope everyone feels better soon. When are you traveling? Favorite restaurants? I’ll have to give that some thought when my brain is working again. Stay tuned!

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