the bow again


For holiday lunch at a club and cocktail party later the same evening, wore the white silk blouse for the first time purchased way back in September, even wore the bow. Twelve months ago I would have said no way, yesterday if felt way right. Feminine, sophisticated, and with a bit of wit. As fashion evolves, so we should we. Thank you design team at Worth New York for knowing what I want before I want it.

Black leather skirt, reversible this one, was picked up from a colleague. Happy pick-up.

Fur and wool cape, and I know fur is not for everyone, bid on sight unseen last year at fourth daughter’s school auction. Sometimes you just have to go with a feeling. It’s become a favorite.

Louis Vuitton booties, bought those maybe seven years ago and the best thing I did was have the cobbler put synthetic soles over the leather. Kind of weird but we have salt, and snow, and rain. Now I can wear them anytime at all. Find a good shoemaker and have him take care of your soles.

Every day dress, the bow again. No Photoshop, no manicure. 🙂

Blouse and Skirt | Worth New York

Boots | old | Louis Vuitton

Bag | Dior


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