tough love


Wearing a kind of tough love look and feeling a little of the tough love women have for themselves. Every day dress wrapped the first of the Fall 2013 Trunk Shows today and has helped women with their bodies for as long as I can remember. Started as a fitness instructor, crazy aerobics dance class, remember those, thirty some years ago. Have always craved a fitness fix, as I’ve said here before helps the mind and the body. Have always loved clothing too, started dressing women at the local mall while still in high school along with the fitness thing.

Here we are, at forty-eight, still dressing women and still moving the body. Have met with over two dozen women the past ten days and as women we are so darn tough on ourselves. Would love to help us all shake a little of that tough love feeling off. Sure, strive for excellence, stay in the game, set goals, but also let’s all enjoy where we’re at. Ten pounds up, ten pounds down, let’s love us now. Anytime I get anywhere near a complaint husband reminds me that it’s over when it’s over so love some of the tough stuff now.

Every day dress moves through a busy day in all black and ponte and leather. Tough love look indeed. Love that it’s easy, love that it’s black. Tough is not so tough. 🙂

Couple of fashion notes: leather vest purchased probably five years ago, Harley pant new this season. Actually bought two, one size up, one size down. That tough love thing you know. With a shorter length on top, want a little extra room. When wearing something longer and looser, kind of like wearing the tighter ones. Inside tip: actually spot clean the leather vest with baby wipes. Yes, every day dress keeps a tub of baby wipes on hand to quickly and gently clean leather shoes and leather garments.

Four week recruiting blitz starts tomorrow, Wednesday. Who do you know that loves clothes, likes to move and be busy, and help women feel confident with what they wear? For the right woman, it pretty much doesn’t get better than that. Every day dress. We believe all women can have and wear beautiful clothing. Ten pounds up or down. Let’s not even get going with ten years up or down…



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  1. You look sassy, edgy, and skinny… and I like it!

  2. Love the whole look… details on booties please!

    • Dear Compadre,
      No exact details, simply bought them in Italy after a glass of wine or two!

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