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Two women, two different decades, two different looks, and each, I think, outfit bingo. Sharing with you what we wore to welcome 2013.

She shopped the trends, Halston, and wore a black jersey jumpsuit. Loved it. You know that moment when you walk into a party or event and see the most beautiful woman in the room and you think, oh god, she nailed it. Is my outfit okay?

Me, every day dress, shopped my closet. Wore that classic combination, navy and white. After a month of party clothes wanted to pull something fresh and did not want to go to the mall. Yes, you can, as mentioned here before, wear white jeans anytime at all. Navy sweater set, thank you Michelle and Worth New York, felt great. (after that deep breath of seeing very fit and good-looking friend in of the moment jumpsuit.) These clothes I collect and the company I work for, Worth New York, you never let me down. Sweater set is close to ten years old. Love it.

She, Amy, in her thirties, can and should wear trends. And she does, oh so well. Me, in late forties, can’t get close to that. No jumpsuit happening here. For some sexiness simply took off the navy cardigan.

One more thing, and especially for the New Year: work out. With heavy weights. And hard. Not simply cardio. You need cardio and resistance training. Amy, she owns, manages and works out at Catalyst Fitness. Me, the resistance work out is with Mike, twice a week, thirty minute sessions. To get to Amy’s gym, visit Catalyst Fitness. To get on Mike’s workout schedule, message him at 716-316-8121. Two women, two different decades, two different looks.

Happy New Year. Here’s to many new things, hard workouts,  and shopping your closet.

Jumpsuit | Halston

Navy Beaded Sweater Set | Worth New York

ps. Between the two of us, ten, by birth, children. Move your body and every day dress.


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