Under the Stars

used what I had on hand to create a festive feeling outdoors with white and red candles, red napkins, fresh greens

We’ve been doing it all to get through, daily walks, family dinner, baking bread, cleaning, organizing, Peloton, repeat, repeat, repeat. Last week Friday had an impromptu dinner outdoors, under the stars.

roasted sweet potato with thyme, baked cod with old-school Ritz cracker topping, roasted asparagus, caesar salad, all super simple

I was cooking fish, cod to be exact, husband likes white fish, and feeling lonely and wanting company. Texted oldest son and his girlfriend: cooking cod and asparagus, interested?

After long delayed reply, yes, they were interested, but not until after seven. So I busied myself with setting the table outdoors, in December, in the northeast, they are Covid anxious.

earlier in the week youngest daughter and her boyfriend strung the white lights, it’s my favorite tree of the season

It was a beautiful evening. Whatever it takes, I’m willing to go. Under the stars, let’s all make a run for it.

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