what to wear to rome


Late night flight from JFK to Rome, Italy. Get through security, second time for the day, have some airport dinner, and ditch the dress. Slip into the women’s restroom and take off all of the day clothes. Put on some black skinny jeans with a good amount of stretch, black tank, layer a long sleeved tee over that, add a scarf and lightweight leather jacket, change the footwear to Jimmy Choo Youth Biker Boot, so comfortable, and we are good to go.

Stash the dress and Chanel Boy Boots back in the carryon, brush and floss the teeth, find an open outlet or two and juice up all tech gear. Board the plane, enjoy a glass of wine, and lights out.

Arrive in Rome, meet car, travel to hotel. It’s hot out there and husband wants to walk so out comes the dress, again, and jeans, tank, and tee are on the floor. Switch the footwear up so the feet feel fresh and out we go. Every day dress in Rome.

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