when it’s cold


Super low temperatures, white out driving conditions, and the need to get out of the house during the month of January calls for a uniform of sorts. 95 percent of the women I’ve seen in the last two days have been dressed pretty much in head to toe black. Totally on board with that, to add an extra layer of warmth searched out fur collar and cuffs that were purchased many seasons back and added them to today’s ensemble and last nights, not together of course.

Today did Wolford black tights, super old black turtleneck that’s been resurrected from the closet archives, new long black knit zippered skirt, wide black belt, stylishly odd glittered hair calf ankle boots. Added the silver fox fur cuffs to wear while working a Spring Trunk Show. Total dichotomy. It’s more fun and motivating to wear the new Spring line while working with clients but just couldn’t do it. We have space heaters plugged in at the show space and to get a coffee at two buildings away you have to basically scurry. Went with what some would call the granny or librarian look but I when I put my glasses on to read fabric contents in the fine print I felt both smart and stylish in an odd kind of way. Smart and stylish is good, even when odd. One of the clients we saw today thought my skirt length was particularly dowdy, we’re honest with each other that way, I was liking it. Heck, it’s cold out there.

Last night for dinner out wore a variation of the same: black Wolford tights, those are the best, black leather skirt, same black turtleneck as today, silver fox collar, and liquid metal silver cuffs. Might as well keep the cool tones going as the temperature is only about 10 degrees.


Fur’s not for everyone, but if you have some pull it out now and mix it in with your day-to-day look. If not when it’s this cold in January, when?

Every day dress pulls out the stowed away fur accessories. Now’s the time.

All clothing and accessories | Worth New York

Tights | Wolford

Boots | Chanel 2013

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  1. Just thinking; I have a red fur collar that ties with a red satin ribbon. Black Malo sweater,, leather skirt, tights, ankle boots. I can put this together. Left Bank tonight, Shsngo tomorrow. Different crowd, same outfit. Baby it’s cold out

    • Love it! Have fun, baby it’s cold outside. Outfit repeat is a great thing. 🙂

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