white dress grey leather spring greens




‘Mom, you’ve blogged this dress before’, says fifteen year old fourth daughter as we head out to shoot what was worn Saturday night for dinner out with dear friends. ‘Exactly’, I say, ‘that’s the entire point’.

Building a wardrobe over time that you can depend on again and again is what we’re about here at the every day. Love this white dress, it’s seen many good times. Paired it with a grey leather jacket and some new shoes, always love new shoes too.





Husband and I spent the entire weekend outdoors doing all things spring: planting pansies, walking dogs, picking up sticks and leaves, changing lightbulbs, cooking up some green artichokes and fresh spinach.


Always a good thing to have a great white dress on hand, and to not be afraid to wear it often and even be called out for it. We’re into a minimal make-up look as well, BB cream is really it, can’t really help it, days go so fast.

Every day dress, white, grey, and spring green. Love to all, xoxo.


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