work and pack

Blogging’s been brief, every day life, enveloping.

Not sure why but when leaving town for any length of time it seems that every surface in the house needs to be wiped clean. The inside of drawers, the refrigerator, even the oven. Crazy stuff.








So we’ve been working and packing: for small work event last night, had some drop-off catering as we’ve been in the clean mode and not so much the cook mode. With any free time we’ve been piling things in the bedroom corner to pack for a sixteen day trip abroad.

We’re all about the carry on, always. This time though we’re taking two. Two bags that can be handled solo, no help required. Adamant about when traveling we should all be able to handle our own stuff. Trains don’t wait.

More basics, to keep things simple use a single fresh flower specimen in a clear glass vase, nothing else. And, when nothing else is blooming in the garden cut a bunch of mint and stick it in an on the rocks glass. Simple cool.



Every day dress, work and pack. Hope everyone is having a great week. xo

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  1. 16 days in a carry-on and a tote? Seriously?? You have to share your packing list with us. Inquiring minds want to know. Safe travels! xo

  2. Please, tell us what you packed! I’m heading to France for 3 weeks in Sept….

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