still warm here

white tee under black slip dress

We’ve been on a bit of a tour (London, Amsterdam, Glasgow), and I’ve been wearing pretty much the same thing. Black dress, black jacket or sweater (or jumper!) white tee, boots and a sandal, all set, go anywhere. I have to bring a sandal or a Birkenstock, happy feet, happy day. While boots always look better in September, sandals simply feel better.

taking it slow

monochromatic dressing (and it’s not all black)

For the first time in thirty-one years husband and I have had open ended days. Nowhere to particularly be, and no one to particularly look after. Sure, we talk or text with our kids on the daily, and have had holiday weekend company with the newlyweds, there’s simply no children at home, and it’s a little odd. 

long country weekends

Yesterday I felt lonely for them, and the quiet weekend and the empty summer house made me feel a little anxious. We’ve been doing gardening projects, I guess helping other things develop and grow. 

I never really know what day it is and missed a lunch meeting last week by simply forgetting it was on my calendar. I’ve stayed up all night reading books (our family female book group latest: It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover) and haven’t done one big grocery shop (with the exception of Labor Day weekend food stuffs), instead cooking from the farm share and the pantry with only minimal pick-ups from the co-op. 

As for style, here are two new pieces I’ve added to the rotation, a pair of light camel wool Theory pants, and an oatmeal strapped wool sweater by Jonathan Simkhai. (Picked them up locally at Tony Walker & Co., you can find them online by clicking on the links). I like the ease of monochromatic dressing and pairing a trouser with a sneaker for a relaxed country look is my current mood: unhurried, unrushed, and informal. 

Every day dress, taking it slow.

Out of Office

early morning sun

Summer 2019 in our Northern Hemisphere ends astronomically on Monday September 23rd and I’m holding on tight. 

Fifth child is off to the UK for her junior year semester abroad and we dropped sixth child at Providence College in RI for her sophomore year. Husband looks forward to and expects regular phone calls and texts from the sophomore, and she is not obliging. Older siblings report she’s on a bit of the party circuit, probably doing exactly as the same as the majority of the college population first week or so of back to school. When pressed she simply typed back on her iPhone to dear dad: THRIVING. Good for her. 

Four older kids are easing into adulting, all doing it in their own unique way, the world is good. 

This is the first-time husband and I have experienced what some call an ‘empty nest’, and I must say I enjoy the benefits. 

Last fall our second daughter had debilitating health issues and she remained at home with us while we assembled an exquisite care team to help see her through. She has come out of the abyss and is rebuilding her life. When your child suffers, she doesn’t suffer alone, we all felt the pain. 

So now, with a little newfound autonomy, we’re kind of landing where we want to land- and I’ve been a little more than ‘out of office’.

Black Point Inn
sandy quiet beach
rugged coastline
cliff walk

We’ve been in Boston MA and took a short road trip to Maine to revisit the coast we used to vacation on thirty-four years ago as singles. It was beautiful. Our stay at Black Point inn offered the best of both worlds, sandy beach and gentle bay on one side, and rugged gorgeous cliffs, rocks and surf on the other. Our room was old school, (like the food), and we spent hours simply looking out the windows and enjoying the view. 

lobster Benedict, food was okay

I chose lobster on the regular, lobster benedict for breakfast, lobster roll for lunch, and lobster ravioli for dinner. The wine pours were generous, it all made me happy. 

Ten hours of driving and back on the home front and of course I had to clean out the fridge, details, and then prepped for Labor Day weekend company. 

all this gorgeous color
can they get any better?
peppers and onions
starting to simmer
stirring in the minced thyme

I find solace in the kitchen and have learned to love an organized mise en place. Husband still can’t get his arms around my preoccupation with good food and what’s next for dinner- not sure if that thing about me will ever stray. 

On the style front I have things from summer I haven’t even worn yet, shame, and have started to slowly move towards fall, incorporating more fall ‘looks and feels’ into the rotation. 

We have a trip to London, Amsterdam, and the Scottish highlands on the very near horizon, and for this I bought a natty plaid pant suit, two cashmere sweaters, a pair of Italian stretch suede pants, two merino wool sweaters, a wide brown leather belt , and a gorgeous pair of black boots. They are all lined up and waiting to be put on the ‘packing rolling rack’, a system I designed that works exceptionally well when culling the closet for travel. 

smashed red potato salad with red onion and dill

Today we’re at the country house, and yesterday I made delicious dill potato salad and classic French ratatouille. Yesterday I made scratch blueberry pancakes and the day before that a blueberry pie, triple batch of Bolognese, scratch Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and chocolate chip cookies. You could say I like to feed those around me. 

Essie polish | Geranium

We will be vacillating between city and country, sleeping where we want to sleep. 

Professionally I’m debating whether to jam in a short quick fall trunk show this month of September, or simply go full out for the one on deck October 12thto the 22nd. I’ve also got a talk on the line for an upcoming wellness workshop, ‘Creating a Beautifully Balanced Lifestyle’ where I will be speaking about how to ‘Reignite Your Style and Confidence’, very good stuff. 

This post has been kind of a brain dump, if you’re reading this far, wow, and thank you. I love that with age now I know I can take time off and that I will do what needs to be done when the time calls for it. For now, we’re still soaking up the warmth…every day dress.