good fall basics

One of my pretty much daily reads, keep it chic by Preston Davis, posted today about The Best Fall Basics, and I’m on board as it heavily featured black leather pants. When the temperature drops, I switch out the denim for the leather, and wear them on repeat, and yes, wash them in the machine on cold, when needed. I know I know, scary to put $1k or so pants in the washer yet it really is okay. The quickest cycle on delicate (front load washer only), a minimum amount of clean detergent, absolutely no fabric softener, lowest spin possible, and then I block them out on a bedroom carpet to dry. 

tweed in the UK

Anyway, back to basics, and fall. Recent trip to the UK and I completely overpacked thinking it would be chilly, and it was not. I lugged suede and sweaters and tweed and blah blah blah, never again. I’m always most happy when I pack less and do it in a carry-on and not sure what got into me this last go-round, it was not good. There was one day, as you see here, that we could bust out the fall clothes, some good fall basics, so here we go:

Leather pants must have. I bought these at Tony Walker & Co., and they are basically the same as the ones I wore all season long last year. Those would have been okay, yet I just couldn’t resist the new, oh well. 

black leather bootie

Black leather booties, mine are Brunello Cucinelli (similar here), Lizzie’s are All Saints. Elizabeth and I did a little shop at All Saints in Glasgow and I styled her up with a new leather jacket, black hat, black booties

black silk, black leather in Glasgow at Hotel du Vin & Bistro

Black silk blouse, this one by L’Agence. Elizabeth is wearing a black t-neck bodysuit. 

black leather jacket, a good basic

Black leather jacket. Again, on Elizabeth, a recent pick-up at All Saints.

scarf, tweed, leather, probably should have tucked the scarf in a little

Tweed blazer and scarf. The blazer is Carlisle, I also bought the matching pant so that I have a proper trouser suit, good thing I’m heading back to London again for Thanksgiving, need to definitely wear it then. The scarf was a gift from husband last season, that’s a full-out four seasons basic. 

high-rise wide leg denim

Elizabeth told me over drinks that no-one is Scotland wears skinny jeans, so we popped into a boutique and I picked out a grey high-rise wide leg pair for her, she was happy. 

love her…

Of all the above, red wine with those you love, the very best fall basic ever.

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