a birthday crown

Seven years ago while in Sonoma CA bought a paper crown for Lizzie’s thirteenth birthday. She wore it when we returned home for a New Year’s Day family brunch celebration, wore it again for a more formal sweet sixteen at a private dance party with all her teenage friends, and wore it last night for a small family dinner to celebrate turning twenty.

Like a special dress you can take out and wear again and again for special occasions, love that she checked into the china cabinet where this special paper crown is kept and displayed, and topped it on her head. Love that at twenty she wears what she wore at thirteen. Simple style endures.

As for me, I’m wearing this year’s black silk blouse, sleeves rolled for cooking, and new higher waisted black leather jeans. Last year’s silk scarf tied at the waist as a belt, and good to go. Simple style works.

coconut cake
she set the table, yellow roses are so her

Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth. May your twentieth year be as brilliant and beautiful as you are. xoxo

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  1. Just Beautiuful!!!!!

  2. I wish a great year to thw sweet Lizzie. Laiz loved the flower crown and is thinking to find one for her sweet 16th Jan 19th. kisses from Brazil and with the disere of a great 2019!!!

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