a bit of a stretch


Really didn’t do that much shopping on most recent trip.

Stopped in a little boutique in Beaune after having breakfast because we missed the hotel breakfast, 7 am to 10 am, again, haha, and this little store was the only place open. Shopkeeper, glorious French man, served us espresso. Bought a jacket in kind of a citrus yellow, evoked feelings of Dijon, of course, a pair of blue jeans, and the outfit seen here.

Husband wasn’t all about it but bought it anyways. For him it was a bit of a stretch, I was feeling the down-time look happening. Wore this Sunday, Mother’s Day, out in the country, after weeding the garden and walking the dogs. We should all take a bit of a stretch.

Every day dress in a bit of a stretch. French label, not even sure what, but LOVE.


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  1. Love your hair in that top picture! And coveting your new Alma bag!

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