feeling très chic


One week ago Monday picked this pistache bag as the takeaway while shopping in Paris. We had three hours tops, dinner reservations that night and early flight out the next morning. Husband asked where I wanted to go with our limited time, as we were in France some of the obvious suggestions were Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or Céline. Never made it to Hermès or Céline, we spent most of the afternoon walking walking walking.

Feeling très chic as perusing Sunday’s New York Times Styles Section saw the breath-taking beautiful Michelle Williams in a two page ad and this very bag, what they call the iconic Alma. Can’t get over her incredible cut and mouth. The Travel magazine featured it as well, in bright mimosa

Knew it was the one when I first laid eyes on it. Clothes and bags and shoes convey a feeling, this is the bag I wanted to remember this trip by: classic, unexpected, spontaneous.

Every day dress feeling (a little) très chic. After a Tuesday work day on the road and late lacrosse game stopped and picked up a bottle of chilled white burgundy. With the bag on the kitchen counter top and a nice glass of wine to go with me while cooking chicken for dinner, that French feeling continues…


the iconic Alma PM | Louis Vuitton

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