a good capsule


This one’s for the fit, size 2 or 12 and beyond. You might be CEO of the big corporation and managing many or CEO of the home front and mentoring those you hold close, yoga teacher or yoga student. If you’re day is non-stop here’s a good capsule:

  • black dolman sleeve sweater, zips asymmetrically to expose or not.
  • black harley pant, not you’re yoga pants, actually a pant, with zip pockets.
  • black bandeau, a little foundation underneath it all.
  • black push-up sleeves jacket.

Every woman out there should have something like 3 of these 4 pieces, we’ll let the bandeau top slide.

Add a low heeled boot and mid-heel slightly sexy sandal and you are all set.

Sun up to sun down and sun salutations between. Have actually slept in the first two, the sweater and the pant, on separate and more than one occasion(s), without regret. Machine wash on cold lay flat to dry. They keep on looking great. Photos taken late Thursday night in home office after a non-stop day.

Every day dress loves a good capsule.

a good capsule | Worth New York

low heeled boot | Chanel | at Neiman Marcus

mid-heel sandal | Aquazzura | at Barneys New York

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