dress the bed


While it would be seriously seductive to have a linen closet full of Frette and Porthault, it’s just not that easy to put that stuff in the every day rotation. To quickly dress the bed, shopped the department store.

As the wardrobe is mostly black, and white, with a bit of color here and there, went the same way with the sheeting. It’s Spring, really, and have an urge to clean and spruce things up. It’s still mighty cold to wear the new white anorak so decided to just dress the bed.


Side note, twenty-one year old daughter that still can’t find the dishwasher when at home messaged me this photo late this afternoon: She calls it ‘treat yourself Mondays :)’ Every Monday she buys herself fresh flowers and wine for the week. Said that I blogged about the idea that keeping fresh flowers around helps your mood. She agrees, even if they are simply from CVS. Booie, inspiration goes two ways, and you helped my mood today, thank you. xoxo


Oh, and work colleague wanted to know what was for dinner tonight: if you have a lean protein, green vegetable, a good carb, salad greens, parmesan cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt and pepper, dinner’s done. Balsamic and rosemary chicken, roasted broccoli, wild rice, caesar salad.

Linens | Macy’s


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