a rebel again

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When something works, let’s do it again. Clients sometimes say to me I’m not adding one more thing to my wardrobe that’s black. And you know what? We usually end up adding more black, or navy, or any other neutral they think they might be tired of. Updating your wardrobe with fresh pieces of what’s come and worked before can help keep the good mood and positive feeling going.

We’ve been traveling the CA coastline. Yesterday bought two things: yet another pair of white jeans and a new Canon EOS Rebel SL1 camera. The white jeans are a total wardrobe staple and will keep going into the fall. Always great to have a fresh pair and these are a slim boyfriend cut. The camera? The trusty old Rebel just decided it was time to quit. Just could not get that shutter to work consistently and after doing due diligence and even consulting the camera experts, took the plunge and bought a new one. Camera expert and I agreed that staying with what worked before, the Rebel, and simply updating, life would be easier, quicker, and better looking.

A good outfit, with many of the elements remaining the same, fresh white jeans, black sweater, silk scarf, bright bag, and walkable boots, is much like a good camera. Dependable and consistent results, until we need to do it again.

Every day dress, a rebel again.

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