sometimes a collar

IMG_8545IMG_8561IMG_8557It’s summertime and the living is easy. Spontaneous invites crop up, and we all like to live and dress casual. Sometimes a collar says we’re so happy to be here and so happy for the invite.

Writing this post from central CA while the photos were taken in upstate New York. Totally camera and tech and internet challenged here so kind of have to rely on some of the old stuff. Fourth daughter says mom theres’ no way you can blog from in iPhone but now that’s the only game in town. Casual here, casual back east. Wherever you may be, sometimes a collar makes you look dressed.

Here at every day dress we’re delighted when we’re served. Steaks on the grill or peanut butter and jelly, we are happy, thank you.

Last pop-up invite wore a striped collared shirt with same day blue jeans. Other guests said ‘my, you like nice’.

Every day dress, sometimes a collar.

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