add a jacket


For literally running from cleaning country house Saturday morning to Buffalo city house to Toronto Canada wore pretty much the same thing from the night before and only had to add a jacket.

Same bandeau, necklace, shoe, and bag from the day before, simply switched out the jeans and grabbed a jacket instead of the sweater. Jacket helped to make the super casual outfit underneath feel a little urban. Handled itself quite nicely for lunch at the Ritz.

Traveled to Toronto to follow Taylor Swift. Four daughters are crazy for her, two even flew in from Boston MA for this concert. Oldest two have been listening to her music since they first saw her at the Erie County Fair when tickets were $15 and their friends were asking them Taylor who?

To keep up with this crew definitely only had time to add a jacket. Busy busy busy.

Every day dress does country casual to city sort of chic on the run by the simple addition of add a jacket.

Happy Father’s Day dear husband. Love you deeper than the ocean and couldn’t do any of this without you.


Black Push Up Sleeve Jacket | Worth New York Spring 2013

Necklace | Lori Stevenson Jewelry

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