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One of the many perks of work in fashion is travel. This time, in lieu of travel to NYC to see upcoming Fall fashions, traveling to Scottsdale AZ and checking into The Phoenician. Too bad.

Getting out of dodge is always the trickiest, and packing probably the most tedious. Kind of like to put everything together in a corner on the bedroom floor, take a look, and edit down. Editing is key, don’t like to have too much stuff. Husband would disagree.

For this trip, its work and family,  three and a half days at the Phoenician and then on to a guest ranch for western riding. Professional work clothes and jeans and boots are needed.

Rolled the jeans and workout clothes, those are needed every day, and placed blouses and swim wear on top. A small duffel held shoes, boots and belts, checked those two bags, and clothes that were needed for work and meetings went in the carry on. One large handbag, one small clutch, the camera, iPad, and MacBook Pro and that was pretty much it. If I can’t carry it single-handedly, it’s too much. Being able to haul your own things without a trolley when traveling is key.

For the day before travel wore an outfit that would never go on this trip, pink pants. 🙂 Second son said ‘sweet outfit don’t you think that’s a little young?’, two youngest daughters loved it, husband said ‘you’re kind of busting out of that shirt’ so overall approval rating was 50%. Will probably not do outfit repeat on this one. The stuff I was taking was all in the bedroom corner anyways.

The perks of work are fun and exciting and the packing has really gotten easier. At check-in had way less than anyone else in line.

Kind of rambling post, I know, no fear of flying it’s simply the transition that’s tough on me.

Wishing everyone the perks of work. Every day dress on the road and in the air. $8 internet access while flying on Southwest, oh, the perks of work.

PS Been studying Fall 2013 fashion and can’t wait to see what’s new up close. Every day dress.



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